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Debt Defense & Debt Settlements

Carlisle Law Firm specializes in debt defense. We help people all over Georgia to defend collection lawsuits and settle debt. “Debt defense” includes lawsuits filed by debt collectors on unpaid credit cards, car loans, equity lines, and all other finance agreements.  We have helped thousands of people to get rid of collection lawsuits and settle debt. Carlisle Law Firm has saved millions of dollars for its clients.  Bankruptcy is not your only option.

You Have An Alternative to Bankruptcy

Carlisle Law Firm is not a bankruptcy law firm. We are alternative to filing bankruptcy. Debt defense lawyers help people who get sued by banks [i.e. BB&T, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Bank of America, etc.]. We defend against companies that buy debt [i.e., Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cavalry SPV I, LVNV Funding, etc.]. We settle debts with credit card companies [i.e. Capital One, Citibank, Credit One, Synchrony, etc.]. We defend lawsuits on car loans [i.e. Ford, Prestige Financial, Auto Acceptance, etc.]. We also help small businesses facing debt collection and other civil claims. If you don’t want to file bankruptcy, call Carlisle Law Firm for debt defense. Our clients always pay less than the amount demanded.

We Will Reduce Your Debt

Our clients pay less for many reasons. Debt collection lawsuits cost a lot, and last a long time. All collection lawsuits have problems. Not all judgments can be collected. Our clients may also have claims that can be filed. These things can help us to lower or get rid of debt. Settlements help both sides. Let us help you get out of debt affordably.


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