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Carlisle Law Firm represents individuals and small businesses facing debt collection efforts on closed accounts or contracts. In most cases, there is no fee for this service unless we settle your debt. Debt collection efforts may involve any of the following situations:

  • Pre-litigation collection letters or phone calls
  • Reporting of delinquent debt to credit bureaus
  • Filing of a civil lawsuit to obtain a judgment
  • Filing of a post-judgment discovery action to locate assets
  • Filing of a garnishment or levy to seize assets or income
  • Filing of a foreign judgment to collect from out of state
  • Filing of an action to revive a dormant judgment

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Carlisle Law Firm defends debtors against collection lawsuits. There are standard defenses we raise in all collection lawsuits. Individual cases may include specific defenses that can be used to fend off collection efforts, and substantially reduce or eliminate the amounts claimed in the lawsuit. These lawsuits may be filed to collect on debt incurred through the use of credit cards, lines of credit, repossessed automobiles, personal loans, consumer goods finance agreements, business vendor agreements, and more. We have defended lawsuits filed by many debt collectors and creditors. A few of the names we face on a daily basis include the following:
Debt Buyers:

Asset Acceptance CACH, LLC Cavalry SPV I, LLC
First Financial Inv. LVNV Funding Midland Funding
Portfolio Recovery Unifund World Asset Management

Original Creditors:

American Express Bank of America Capital One Bank
Citibank Discover Bank Ford Motor Credit
GE Capital Synchrony Bank Wells Fargo

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There are numerous federal and state laws protecting creditors against abusive, harassing and unfair collection practices. These include federal acts, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act [FDCPA], the Fair Credit Reporting Act [FCRA], the Telephone Consumer Protection Act [TCPA], the Credit Card Act [CRA], and the Truth in Lending Act [TILA]. State laws providing protection include the Fair Business Practices Act [FBPA], the Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Act [MVRIFA] and the Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organizations Act [RICO]. We review all information provided to us by debtors to determine whether there is an actionable claim against a debt collector or creditor.

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